ITA’s vision is based on teaching all of our student’s 21st century skills. ITA believes that this is an imperative part of student success. An important component of this is the ability to work with all forms of technology. ITA has a dedicated, full-time technology teacher whose only focus is the technological achievement of our students.

ITA uses specialized on-line assessments and software to make sure results are timely and relevant for our students and families.

In addition to the technology center, computers can be found in each classroom as well as the ITA Resource Room.  Each teacher is provided a laptop in order to ensure greater efficiency and productivity. ITA also utilizes Mimeo and SMART which are interactive whiteboards. This technology ensures student’s engagement in the learning process.

Technological Innovation

ITA’s network has within it only the newest technology at its source. A Cisco© network uses the latest in wiring technology (CAT6) to team with the newest Sonic Wall© firewall to ensure student safety.

ITA students use Chrome Book computers. ITA currently has 1 computer for every 1.8 students and we fully intend to continue acquiring Chrome Books every year to move to a 1 to 1 environment.

ITA fully complies with all student privacy and safety measures regulated by local, state, and federal authorities. To this end, ITA uses the new Sonic Wall© firewall to investigate and filter all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Two Dell© dualcore servers ensure that all technologies run undeterred through CITRIX© servers and 5.5 virtualization technology. Each of ITA’s servers run two additional virtual servers which have the newest Windows Server 2008 R2©, most advanced Windows© Server operating system yet. The new Microsoft Exchange 2010© serves as ITA’s email server as well. Wireless capabilities run off AEROHIVE WAP© (Wireless Application Protocol) placed throughout the building ensures unhindered wireless function.