Grade Levels

Grade Levels

Please find a sampling of what ITA students are learning throughout the academic year sorted by individual grade level. ITA focuses on strengthening skill in all subject areas.  Below you will find information regarding what our students learn throughout the year in Language Arts.


Students use specific curriculum utilizing language lessons to learn beginning letters and beginning vowel sounds. Students will demonstrate the understanding of both upper and lower case letters, capitalization and  identifying colors. Students will also learn and identify left and right, write their full name, spell color words, learn basic shapes and begin learning consonant sounds. They will also learn how to identify and write numbers from 1-30. This is only a part of the myriad of skills that ITA Kindergarten students learn in their very important first years of school.

First Grade

In these important formative years of school, ITA focuses on strengthening the building blocks of knowledge
to ensure future academic success. In first grade, students begin writing in complete sentences using vowel and consonant sounds. Students practice handwriting, write vocabulary words in syllables as well as recite words orally and apply letter sound relationships. ITA also focuses on teaching students phonetic awareness such identifying regular beats, sounds, and rhyme. Listening to stories and retelling, following and giving two step directions, and recognizing compound words are only a small part of the many skills our 1rst graders learn.

2nd Grade

In second grade, ITA students build and strengthen skills learned in their previous years at ITA. Students read and write nonfictional short stories, write sentences using vowels and consonant blends, recognize and say simple compound words, as well as recognize and repeat rhyming words, beginning consonant, and end consonants. Students also learn to write and illustrate sentences, identify main ideas of stories as well as the order of the alphabet. Skills taught in second grade are not limited to the above, ITA believes in a well rounded education that fosters academic as well as social growth for all students.

3rd Grade

Among the many skills our 3rd graders learn include, but are not limited to, reading short stories, using graphic organizers to show concept patterns and TOPIC/facts, write vocabulary words, and mystery reading. 3rd graders demonstrate an understanding of consonant blends and vowels, create short stories, paraphrase information in non fictional material as well as organize writing (beginning, middle and end), demonstrate an understanding of capitalization of proper nouns and beginning sentences.

4th Grade

Our 4th grade students learn a variety of skills in all subject areas including reading and paraphrasing content of short stories, writing, spelling and defining vocabulary words, writing short stories, as well as writing one page essays about a story including Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions. Students also learn how to identify setting, characters and events, organize information logically, write about what they have read, and describe characteristics.

5th Grade

5th grade language arts learners identify the 8 parts of speech, as well as parts of a sentence and subject-verb agreement. Students write paragraphs with central ideas, learn how to plan one, two and three paragraph writing assignments as well as draw conclusions from reading selections, sequence ideas into logical order and organize and edit information in essays.

6th Grade

In 6th grade language arts, ITA students continue building on skills introduced in 5th grade including identifying the 8 parts of speech and adding the skills of subject verb agreement, applying proper punctuation to sentences, writing one page essays, referencing material used, and demonstrating  comprehension of variety of reading selections. Students also learn how to organize information in writing and oral presentations, read and write a variety of poetry as well as writing narratives, descriptions and explanations.

7th Grade

ITA's 7Th grade language art students learn using sentences with high level frequency words, reading poems, plays and folktales, HOLT language arts short stories and writing lessons, writing three to five paragraph essays as well as reading and comprehending information from a variety of sources. Students also distinguish fact from opinion in a variety of reading sources, develop narrative, expository, persuasive, and technical writing.

8th Grade

ITA realizes this critical year before the beginning of high school. Therefore, ITA continues to build on the importance of the 8 parts of speech while completing a variety of assignments, focus on HOLT language arts, reading with comprehension, reciting and writing poetry, demonstrating an understanding of compound subjects and predicates, and synthesizing writing skills by writing an autobiography.